Project Development & Exploration

  • Bowen Basin,
  • Open-Cut
  • PCI Coal and
    Hard Coking Coal
  • 100 Jobs
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A focus on the future of Queensland

At QCoal Group we’re focused on the future of Queensland. That’s why we’ve undertaken uninterrupted coal and mineral exploration since 1989 – and are one of the only companies in Queensland to do so.

Because we’re a local Queensland company with extensive industry experience, we’re in the unique position to leverage our capabilities and knowledge of the environment for targeted exploration and project development. This is demonstrated by the discovery and development of numerous economically mineable deposits.

And we’re not stopping any time soon. QCoal Group remains committed to expanding our existing projects, and efficiently developing new deposits based on our centralised hub model. This means more local jobs, more support to regional communities and more focus on the economic success of Queensland.

The STAR bulk sample

One of the methods we use for developing new mine projects is the bulk sample method.

This allows us to take a large enough volume of coal for the coal quality of each seam to be assessed on both a raw and washed basis. Trial shipments are made to potential customers which can lead to long term contracts and commercial development.

Valuable geotechnical and mining information is also obtained during this process.

Currently the Star bulk sample is being developed by Constellation Mining, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QCoal Group and owner of Cook Colliery mine. The Star operation is located in the Bowen Basin approximately six kilometres away from the community of Bluff and 20 kilometres east of the mining township of Blackwater. It has been designed to test seams and potential coal blends in the area which could be developed into full-scale mining operations.

Constellation Mining applied for approval to undertake the bulk sample in June 2022, and the Environmental Authority for the bulk sample was issued in April 2023. Department of Resources statutory approval is required for the bulk sample to progress.

We’re excited to be part of the exploration of the Bowen Basin. And we look forward to the opportunity to develop and bring even more jobs to Queensland regional areas.

Quick facts

  • Location: 9km north-west of the community of Bluff in the Bowen Basin in Queensland
  • Method: Open-cut
  • Product: PCI coal and hard coking coal
  • Jobs: Up to 100
  • Status: Awaiting statutory approvals