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Unearthing Queensland’s potential & powering Australia’s progress

For nearly four decades, QCoal Group has been an incredible example of Queensland’s pioneering and innovative spirit. As an independent Queensland company, we’ve been at the forefront of mineral exploration in this great state, building opportunities and creating a legacy of discovery and development that we’re immensely proud of.

Though we’re a local team through and through, we’re globally-minded as well. We support the progress of Australia as a whole through the export of coking and thermal coal products around the globe.

Our Work

Over the past 35 years QCoal has conducted continuous exploration leading to the establishment of five coal mines, and the acquisition of one. Today QCoal exports approximately 15 million tonnes of coal a year.
The Woolgar Gold Project encompasses extensive exploration in Queensland's North-West Minerals Province and the development of the greenfield Big Vein South gold mine.
The QCoal Foundation has a mission to build a more resilient regional and remote Queensland through supporting health and education and developing more liveable communities.

Our Approach

We aim high – to be Australia’s premier sustainable mining leader – and our approach to work and to engaging with local and regional communities backs that up.


Our projects are managed with a goal to reduce environmental disturbances, improve capital and operating efficiency and ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations.


Embrace a QCoal career, contribute to an exciting project pipeline and expand your skills in a dynamic, growing team.
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In 2023 alone, QCoal Group contributed over $600 million in royalties and taxes to the Queensland and Australian governments. We also spent over $950 million with suppliers in the local and regional communities in which we operate.

Our focus is global, but our heart remains local. And we’re proud to support local communities, while meeting the needs of our customer base and contributing to economic and social development around the world.

We’re driven to achieve our vision of becoming a more diversified and innovative mining company. And the development of the Woolgar Gold Project and our latest mine acquisition in Western Australia is paving the way for a future rich in potential and ripe for progress.

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