Australian industry participation

QCoal is committed to maximising Australian industry participation and our contractors will give preference to suppliers of Australian-manufactured equipment that is competitively priced and complies with the relevant standards and specifications.

QCoal engages product and service providers with a demonstrated capability to meet a range of criteria including

  • safety - all products will be assessed in relation to compliance with the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (Qld), and all regulations made pursuant to this Act
  • performance - assessed on capacity to match or exceed specification and/or performance standards
  • environmental - products will  be assessed with regard to relevant environmental considerations
  • life cycle costing - analysis to ensure that optimum cost efficiencies are obtained for the projected life of capital equipment items
  • capital cost comparison - assessed on capital cost considerations including manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning costs, and for imported goods in regard also to risk associated with transportation and currency exchange
  • availability - assessed on availability of the equipment, parts and services for operation, repair and maintenance

Australian Industry Participation Policy

We will advertise work packages on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway as they become available. Click here to learn more and register your business as an interested supplier.