The Byerwen Coal Project is a proposed open-cut coal mine located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin about 20 kilometres west of Glenden. It will produce up to 10 million tonnes of premium hard coking coal per year and employ a construction workforce of up to 350 people and 500 people during operations with an expected mine life of 50 years.

The mine, which is a joint venture between QCoal and JFE Steel, is set to generate extensive opportunities for locals and the broader region and is helping to grow communities. 

QCoal is committed to maximising local industry participation and we will give preference to suppliers of Australian-manufactured equipment that complies with the relevant standards and specifications.

Planning phase

The current planning phase involves the preparation of the environmental impact statement, ongoing site investigations and community consultation.

Environmental impact statement and additional information now available

The public review period for the environmental impact statement for the Byerwen Coal Project closed on 23 July 2013. Additional information was provided to the Office of the Coordinator-General in response to submissions to the EIS and can be downloaded below. The Coordinator-General’s assessment of the Byerwen Coal Project has been completed and the evaluation report on the environmental impact statement can now be viewed on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.

Other mining and environmental approvals from the Australian and Queensland Governments remain pending however the Coordinator-General’s assessment report is a major milestone in the planning and approvals phase of the project.

Additional information to the environmental impact statement:

AIEIS Sections 1-10.pdf (8.90 MB)

AIEIS Section 11.pdf (452.15 KB)

AIEIS Section 12.pdf (7.21 MB)

AIEIS Sections 13-14.pdf (827.33 KB)

AIEIS Section 15 (Part 1 of 2).pdf (14.41 MB) 

AIEIS Section 15 (Part 2 of 2).pdf (3.61 MB)

AIEIS Sections 15A-22.pdf (10.50 MB)

AIEIS Appendix 1 (Part 1 of 5).pdf (7.85 MB) 

AIEIS Appendix 1 (Part 2 of 5).pdf (9.05 MB)

AIEIS Appendix 1 (Part 3 of 5).pdf (13.65 MB)

AIEIS Appendix 1 (Part 4 of 5).pdf (5.69 MB)

AIEIS Appendix 1 (Part 5 of 5).pdf (7.97 MB)

AIEIS Appendices 2-3.pdf (11.90 MB)

AIEIS Appendices 4-5.pdf (14.26 MB)

AIEIS Appendices 6-9.pdf (9.73 MB) 

AIEIS Appendix 10.pdf (11.09 MB)

AIEIS Appendices 11-13.pdf (7.91 MB)


 Project timeframes


We expect to recieve all statutory approvals from the Queensland and Australian governments for the project to proceed in early 2015, and will commence construction of the mine once all approvals are received.